The deep-sea gold rush is a ‘game changer’

After years of negotiations and false starts, deep-sea mining is close to a commercial breakthrough

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Working in partnership with island nations

Understanding the direction of key regulators and the needs of island nations through framework agreements

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Achieving sustainable seabed mining projects with an integrated approach

Learn how to achieve sustainable seabed mining projects in harmony with nature

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Expert speakers to date

  • Christopher Kelly
    CSA Ocean Sciences Inc.
  • Govinder Chopra
    SeaTech Solutions
  • Anantha Padmanabhan
    SeaTech Solutions
  • Oliver Gunasekara
    Impossible Metals Inc.
  • Andy Woods
    University of Cambridge
  • Phil Hayes
    Shearwater GeoServices
  • Magne Nygård
    Aker BP
  • Egil Tjaland
    Norwegian Forum for Marine Minerals
  • Guido Van Den Bos
  • Keith Hutchinson
    Safinah Group

Who should attend

  • Deep-Sea Mineral Exploration
  • Exploration Licence Holders
  • Geological and Marine Consultancy
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Subsea Technologies
  • Dredging & Maritime Activities
  • Equipment Design Solutions
  • Shipping & Vessel Services
  • Mid-Tier and Junior Exploration
  • Deep-Sea Exploration Licensing
  • Economic Planning & Advisory
  • Law of the Sea Regulation
  • Legal & Compliance Work
  • Investment & Banking Services
  • Equipment Certification Services
  • NGOs & Marine Conservation
  • Nearshore Minerals & Exploration
  • Environmental Assessments Plans
  • Marine Life & Ecological Surveyors
  • Geotechnical & Geophysical Studies
  • Seafloor Mapping Solutions
  • Underwater Surveying & Monitoring
  • Marine Tailings Management
  • News Reporting & Journalism
  • Upcoming Deep Sea Miners
  • Mineral Exploration Companies
  • Phosphate Mining & Exploration
  • Land-Based Mining Companies
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Dredging Companies
  • Deepwater Technology Companies
  • Marine Equipment Manufacturers
  • Subsea Technology Providers
  • Offshore Support Services
  • Shipping & Vessel Services
  • Vessel Manufacturers
  • International Seabed Authority
  • United Nations Representatives
  • Government Agencies
  • Island Nations Representatives
  • Economic Communities & Unions
  • International Law of the Sea Advocates
  • Coastal State Representatives
  • Legal & Compliance Services
  • Investment & Banking Representatives
  • Other Professional Services
  • Economic Policy Think Tanks
  • News Reporters & Journalists
  • Underwater Research Institutions
  • Geological Societies
  • Academic Institutions
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Atmospheric Research Institutions
  • Seafloor Mapping Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Underwater Surveyors
  • Public Relations Services
  • Marine Life Conservation
  • NGOs & Charities
  • Public Consultation Groups

Past attendees:

  • The Metals Company
  • OSI Minerals
  • Lobster-Robotics
  • Castart B.V.
  • Marine AI Ltd.
  • Kanzlei Kaede
  • Imenco Smart Solutions
  • Deep Sea Vision
  • Environmental Justice Foundation
  • SustainableTechnologies
  • Trans Hex Marine
  • Mining Investment Service
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Ocean Infinity
  • DHI Group

Why Attend

The Deep Sea Mining Summit 2024 is the only event of its kind to deliver leading market intelligence and industry presentations on the latest deep sea mining advancements…

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The International Forum for Deep-Sea Mining Professionals

As the international deep-sea mining community moves ever closer to mining the deep-ocean floor, industry stakeholders from developing island nations and ocean regulators to commercial deep-sea miners and subsea technology companies meet annually at the world's premier Deep Sea Mining event.

It is through collaboration developments have been made over the last 40 years. Advances in technology and the development of a legislative framework by the International Seabed Authority have made what was once thought impossible now a commercial reality.

The 12th Annual Deep Sea Mining Summit will bring together a large array of solution providers, upcoming deep sea miners, members of the scientific community, and those within allied industries wanting to learn more about the opportunities within this emerging marketplace.

Thank you to our supporters and participants from previous summits; here’s a short preview.

Following the huge successes of the Deep-Sea Mining Summit series globally, this year’s continued objective is “forming partnerships” and building on existing relationships to develop framework agreements and environmental impact assessments, technological and technical know-how, and focus on the real challenges that face a new breed of deep-sea miners and industry providers. Case studies and actual results will address these issues.

Key topics on the agenda include:

  • The economic landscape and growth for deep-sea mining
  • Achieving sustainable seabed mining projects in harmony with nature
  • New exploration and mining projects underway; the latest frontline feedback
  • Regional opportunities to harvest Seafloor Massive Sulphides and Manganese Nodules
  • Working with nations through a regulatory framework, the opportunities and risks
  • Technological developments associated with commercialising deep-sea mining

In addition, the program will have a unique emphasis on networking and collaboration, including generating dialogue in applying useful technologies and solutions for adaptation in deep-sea mining from offshore oil and gas. There will also be an opportunity to meet new investors outside the market and form collaborative partnerships in allied industries for mutual benefit.

Call for Presentation

If you would like to be a speaker at this event, please contact sean.collins@iQ-Hub.com, subject heading “Call for Papers – Deep Sea Mining Summit 2024”.

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To secure your place at The Deep Sea Mining Summit 2024, or if you require more information, please contact delegates@iQ-Hub.com.

Key topics for 2024:

  • The economic landscape and drivers for growth in deep-sea mining
    Understand the key market drivers and growth prospects for the near term. Where are the opportunities?
  • Achieving sustainable seabed mining projects in harmony with nature
    Hear from frontline deep sea ecological experts on the latest techniques to build an environmental impact assessment plan
  • New exploration and mining projects underway; the latest frontline feedback
    Explore new areas of economic value and be the first to hear about the latest methods and results from commercial activities
  • Regional opportunities to harvest Seafloor Massive Sulphides and Manganese Nodules
    Discover the hottest regional opportunities to harvest Seafloor Massive Sulphides and Manganese Nodules from our geological experts
  • Working with nations through a regulatory framework, the opportunities and risks
    Hear from key regulators and develop a cohesive plan to work with the International Seabed Authority and individual nations through the regulatory challenges
  • New technological developments associated with commercialising deep-sea mining
    Be at the cutting edge of technological developments for deep-sea mining and explore diversification opportunities for existing companies involved in subsea applications


  • Balanced curation showcasing state-of-the-art expertise, addressing environmental challenges and regulations
    Daniel Babin, Columbia University
  • Fantastic event, intriguing and practical presentations
    Egil Tjaland, Norwegian Forum for Marine Minerals
  • An impressive event with pertinent info on subsea environment and mining venturers' progress
    Matej Cernosek, AndrenaM
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the diverse speakers and well-organized schedule layout
    Brandy Jones, SLB
  • The conference was outstanding and well-balanced, offering very interesting and informative sessions
    Ben Hooker, Oceaneering
  • Incredibly fascinating and instructive, providing insightful information
    Keith Hutchinson, Safinah Group

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